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Website Maintenance Packages
leave maintenance & hosting to us

Nonprofit Website Management

Our affordable nonprofit website management services can maintain the entirety of your nonprofit website from hosting, security and plugin updates, as well as content updates. No matter the task, we can help.

Hosting & Backup Management

We offer fast and secure hosting for your website. Also, any site we manage receives daily automated backups and restoration if needed.

WordPress Updates

We'll regularly update your website and plugins to keep your website secure.

Content Updates

We can help regularly post content and updated any content on your website as needed.

Best Web Hosting for Nonprofit Organizations

We understand that it can be challenging to find the best web hosting for your nonprofit organization.

Included with all plans, our clients see up to a 20% speed boost simply by migrating to our nonprofit web hosting services. Combined with our speed-centric website development and fine-tuned caching services, they see up to an 80% improvement in speed.

Nonprofits Get 25% Off!

Our team will completely migrate your website from your existing host to our dedicated high-performance server where you can enjoy a 25% discount.

Website Security as a Priority

We’ll protect your nonprofit website and business with extra layers of enterprise-grade security with our web host and your website itself.


Daily Plugin & WordPress Security Updates

We'll keep your website up-to-date and functioning properly so you can focus on your business.

Daily Off-Site Backups & Uptime Monitoring

We back up all client websites to Google Cloud daily and retain backup points for 50 days for data redundancy. We also ping sites every 2 minutes.

Managed WAF & Advanced DDoS Protection

All sites have a firewall customized for WordPress that proactively protects your site from threats.

Security Scans and Malware Guarantee

Security scans are performed daily on all client websites to proactively monitor for risks.

Free SSL and Management & Support

We offer free SSL (https) with all client sites that renew automatically for peace of mind.

24 x 7 Server Monitoring

Our web host continuously scans for vulnerabilities and conducts penetration testing to ensure server integrity.

WordPress Maintenance Plan Features

Fast & Secure Hosting

Included in all maintenance plans, our WordPress hosting is incredibly fast and secure so that your website loads quickly for your users.

Theme & Core Updates

We make your site safe & secure by installing extensions and doing necessary WordPress themes and software updates to your website.

Backup & Restore

Our WordPress Backup service provides your site’s daily and monthly automatic backups in case you need to restore files from a particular date.

Malware Scan & Removal

Are you worried about hackers? Our team can help you secure your website by removing website malware and building trust with your customers.

Emergency Support

Are you facing any WordPress issues? Our support team is available around the clock and will respond within minutes based on criticality.

Website Traffic Reports

We’ll let you know exactly who is visiting your website, where they are visiting from, what devices they are using, and what actions they’re taking.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is your hosting secure?

Yes, we utilize a cloud hosting solution that includes a Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF), Advanced DDoS Protection, a Global CDN, smart traffic routing, free SSL certificates, malware scanning, and more.

We check daily for WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates. We automatically take a backup snapshot before any updates and roll back to a previous snapshot if there are issues.

For high-traffic and e-commerce websites, we verify all updates on a staging server before updating the live server. We only perform updates on the live website when website traffic is slow unless there is an urgent update needed for security reasons.

After you sign up, we’ll email you a request for login credentials to your WordPress installation. Once we receive that we will get started immediately.

We take daily website backups which are stored externally in Google Cloud for 50 days.

For more frequent backup needs (high-traffic blogs or e-commerce sites), we can perform twice-daily or hourly backups for an additional cost.

The SEO included with is very basic in nature and does not include the extensive SEO found in our full-service SEO packages.

Basic Technical SEO: We’ll ensure your website retains its SSL certificate, crawlability, indexability, and that all inbound/outbound links remain active. We will also provide basic website speed performance optimizations.

Hosting is not required for us to maintain your website, though most clients do for simplicity and because it is already included in our pricing.

We provide free migrations to us and hosting is included in our transparent pricing.

We do not provide monthly credits if you choose to host your site elsewhere.

No. While we’d hate to see you go, you are able to cancel at any time and there are no long-term commitments. Simply reach out to us to process your cancellation.

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