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connect with your audience

PPC Advertising You Can Count On

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has an instant impact and gives your brand great exposure as a result of placement on major search engines. We meticulously monitor and tweak client campaigns to ensure they are seeing the best possible return on ad spend.

Reach Your Audience

Pay Per Click has an instant impact and gives your brand a much larger reach and exposure to increase revenue.

Low Cost to Acquire

For less than $5 per click, you can affordably generate more leads and close deals quicker.

Commonly Asked Questions

Advertising with PPC ads offers your business several advantages in the marketplace, including setting a custom budget that you can change at any time, as well as showing above organic results in online searches, beating out competitors for presence.

You can advertise in several locations, the most popular being search results, third-party websites, and social media. Specific platforms include Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Yes! Ads that appear in search results earn more than 45% of page clicks. Even better, people who click on ads are twice as likely to buy a product or service than an organic visitor, or someone who visits your site without clicking on an ad.
Prices for a PPC ad campaign vary by business, industry, and strategy. The minimum we recommend is $2,500 to $5,000 per month for small-to-midsize companies to establish a presence. This price range includes your ad spend, as well as managed expenses with us.
Though many factors, the primary cost factor is your bid. In PPC, your bid is how much you’re willing to pay for someone to click on your ad. While you may pay less than your bid (depending on the ad auction) you won’t pay more than your bid. This will be discussed in detail during an initial consultation.
Any business can and should use PPC advertising. Restaurants, HVAC companies, electricians, plumbers, insurance agencies, veternarians, medical offices, dental offices, and many more have great success with a strong PPC strategy.