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leave maintenance to us

Website Hosting and Maintenance

We live and breathe websites and WordPress. We can maintain the entirety of your website from hosting, security and plugin updates, or just content updates. No matter the task, we can help.

Hosting & Backup Management

We offer fast and secure hosting for your website. Also, any site we manage receives daily automated backups and restoration if needed.

Security Updates

We'll regularly update your website and plugins to keep your website secure.

Content Updates

We can help regularly post content and updated any content on your website as needed.

Plugin & Theme Updates

We make your site safe & secure by doing necessary WordPress themes and software updates to your WordPress website. This also keeps your site updated with the latest software and lowers your risk for successful malware attacks.

Reporting & Analytics

We’ll let you know how many visitors are coming to your website and where they are located. We’ll also report your website health so you can rest assured your website is fast, up-to-date, and free from malware.

Cloud Backup & Restore

We often overlook backup procedures with an increasing focus on security, which is equally crucial. Our WordPress Backup service provides your site’s daily and weekly automatic backups. So, just in case you want to restore files from a particular date, we are just a call away.

Uptime Monitoring

Is your website up and running properly? We will ping your site every 5 minutes to ensure it’s online and available for visitors.

Performance Optimization

Is your site well-optimized & secure? Have you updated WordPress themes and plugins? We will do a fine tune-up, fix a few performance issues, and suggest practical insights for additional fine-tuning.

Small Updates

Have some changes to make during the month like adding or swapping images, changing some text, or adjusting a form? We can help! 

Malware Scanning & Removal

Are you worried about hackers? Our WordPress services can help you secure your website by removing website malware and building trust with your customers. We will perform a deep scan of your entire site and advise you of infections (if found).

Accessibility Monitoring

We’ll optimize your site to comply with accessibility guidelines and ensure users coming to your site are able to use it. We will modify your website so that users can customize your website to their individual accessibility needs.

Managed Website

In addition to front-end maintenance, you can also leave your back-end maintenance to us! As PHP upgrades are required from web hosts, we’ll work to make sure your website continues to function as it should. Not only will we handle all PHP upgrades, but we’ll also handle any plugin swaps that are needed due to deprecated plugins.

Commonly Asked Questions

We check daily for WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates. We automatically take a backup snapshot prior to any updates and rollback to a previous snapshot if there are issues. For high traffic websites, we perform all updates and maintenance on a staging server prior to pushing updates to the live server.

After you sign up, we’ll email you a request for current or new login credentials to your WordPress installation. Once we receive that we will get started immediately. 

We take daily website backups which are stored in Amazon’s S3 infrastructure. We also take a manual download backup once per month to ensure continuity and ability to restore offline if needed. For higher redundancy needs or e-commerce sites, we can perform twice daily or hourly backups as well.

Yes! Hosting is included in all of our plans. You’ll get a fast, secure server tuned specifically for WordPress.

Yes, absolutely. We can get started as early as today to remove the malware and then come up with a maintenance strategy to prevent any reoccurring issues.

Yes. While we’d hate to see you go, you are able to cancel at any time and there are no long-term commitments. Simply cancel via your account or contact us to process your cancellation.