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Women’s Imaging Specialists Brand Awareness


Women’s Imaging Specialists was looking for a strategic partner to increase brand awareness in their region and attract new patients.

The challenge

This client originally had a primary brand website as well as a separate domain and website for every one of their physical locations. The logistics of managing all of these websites and changes aside, the challenges to optimizing their website(s) for SEO were evident. Lastly, their primary website and location websites were quite outdated and in need of a drastic makeover to showcase their brand and commitment to the patient experience.

Separately, Women’s Imaging Specialists had done zero digital marketing/advertising prior to this, and so Tidewater Website Solutions implemented a digital marketing strategy in conjunction with the website redesign.

The results

Tidewater Website Solutions delivered a remarkable, cohesive website – Women’s Imaging Specialists. This new website increased organic traffic and exponentially increased their appointment scheduling rate (conversion rate). In the first eight months of the redesign going live, the website achieved a 660% increase in traffic, averaging 3,300 users during a 30-day period compared to 500 with the old website. Creating digital patient forms and allowing appointment requests also drastically improved conversion rates and re-focused users in areas that drove impact.

On the digital marketing front, Tidewater Website Solutions delivered a campaign that went above and beyond, returning an impressive 609% on their ad spend and achieving an 8.41% click-through rate.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Women’s Imaging Specialists was looking for a strategic partner to strengthen their online presence, and brand awareness, and ensure their website was patient-focused.

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